Bailey James Braithwaite

It was The Day 30th May when Bailey suffered an apnea attck, Something hes done on many occasions, I took him to hospital via Ambulance, Bailey proved me wrong yet again by coming out of it as quick as he went into it, He was kept in hospital over night with what they call Oxygenated Monitering,( This would give them a print off what he'd been doing for 24 hours.. He had a probe on his foot to keep an eye on his oxygen Levels, Around 9pm 30th May Baileys oxygen dipped to just 82%, I got the nurse as his alarm was going off, Bailey was in a deep sleep and not alot could wake him up, I was told this wasnt a true reading due to him being asleep.. Ok they know best, I was worried all night for him, when he woke up on 31st May, He was sat in his cot, Happily playing like he would normally when all of a sudden his colour drained, He was white, then the larms go off again, This time his oxygen levels was showing up at a mere 79%, Again I was told to look at his colour, He wasnt blue or grey and he was still happy, So not a true reading, I explained this happened last night also, Nobody listned to me... Bailey was kept in until the 24 hours was up, and was disharged at 7.30pm 31st May, Despite not even being checked by a docter, The docter was stood the other end of the ward and said Yes Disharge him hes fine, We'll see him in a few weeks..
We got Bailey home and he was grumpy, Not his normal self at all, So I put him to bed with his milk and left him to settle down,He cried and I just left him to cry himself to sleep, Something I had done with all my children.. At 8.45pm His apnea alarm went off, I didnt think much to it, he didnt normally have an attack as quick as that after his last one, I got upstairs, He had come off his mat, he was asleep on his front face down in his quilt, He looked rather cute, So I turned the alarm off and left him, I didnt even check him as I could see he was breathing
At 9.30pm I realise we have no milk, as My other children was at my parents for the night it was just me and Bailey home, Daddy had gone fishing so I got Bailey out the cot, put his coat on, he looked quite pale but nothing out the extrodanary, and we went to the shop.. It had only been just over 2 hours since he was disharged.. We was half way There when I noticed Baileys lips had turned a funny colour, Not blue, Grey which is normally the colour he goes when he stops breathing, I panic by this time, And lean in and put my hand to feel for breathing, Nothing! My little boy wasnt breathing.. How long had he not been breathing for I still dont know, Was he breathing when I put his coat on, I dont honestly Know, I cant even think back, Bailey was rushed to Hospital via ambulance where we was told he was in Cardiac arrest, By now Bailey looked very poorly, My heart and head was all over, Daddy had arrived at the hospital to see the resusitation room working on Bailey, Not a sight I wish upon anyone at all, It was horrible, After 40 Minutes of trying we got the news after 3 lots of adrenaline Bailey had a heartbeat, What a relief, He was transfered to the Adult Intensive Care, they didnt have a childrens one, and arrangements was made for Bailey to be transfered elsewhere to care for him
In the meantime Bailey got even more poorly, His veins callapsed and had to go to theatre to have some lines put in, The wait was horrendous, All the time I was thinking it was all just a dream and Id walk in that room to see my boy sat up playing, smiling.. When we did finally get to see Bailey after nearly 3 hours of being on Intensive Care, the shock will stay with me forever, We was told he was trying to breath on his own, but couldnt manage properly, He was on a ventalator and all sorts of other things, By now its 1am 1st June, We are told a bed had been found at Leicestor for him and he would be moved there, 1st Thoughts was omg how are we going to cope being that far away from home, My parents was very good with us and helped as much as they can, At 4am, Me and Mark set off to Leicestor just as Bailey was being prepared to go
We arrived at Leicestor at 6.30am, Bailey hadnt arrived, I looked at my phone and seen I had a missed call and though he didnt make it, We knocked on the C.I.C.U and they confirmed Bailey was still travelling down, To hear those words was such a relief.. Bailey arrived after having a stable journey, It took them a wee while to settle him down, then we was allowed to see him, To be greated to a very ill looking boy I will never forget that, He looked even more poorly than In Grimsby
This was the start of Baileys battle, We was prepared for the worst, as Bailey had been so long without oxygen his blood had turned acidy which was eating away at his insides, he endured CT Scans, Brain scans, Brain monitering over a 2 day course.. On day 3 it looked like Bailey was getting better, his colour was pink, he looked well, just asleep, I had my hopes up this day, We still hadnt been able to cuddle Bailey and I so needed to hold him
We had Baileys handprints, footprints done and got him Baptised, After being told the extent of his Brain Injury due to lack of oxygen, We knew then our little boy was never going to wake up.. On Day 5 he had a further CT Scan done of his chest, We spoke to the consultant who asked if he had had bronchilities, Yes he had, He had bronchil pnemonia at just 3 months old, We was then told he had Bronchilities Libiterate it was rare and he had only seen 5 cases of it including Bailey, By this point our little boy was slipping away, He was given 2 brain stem tests and failed both, His heart rate was slowing down, We made the descion to end his suffering
5th June at 4.57pm our little boy went to sleep with the angels in Mummys arms
He Brought so much Joy to everyone who knew him.. He will never be out of our lives, I will never forget him till the day I join him up in heaven I feel a peice of me has gone with him, everyone commented on Bailey the way he smiled through everything, he was such a placid little boy it didnt matter what he was going through he wouldnt ever let things get him down,
Bailey was a Big Inspiration To Everyone Who Knew Him And He Is Missed By So Many People.. Everyone Loves Bailey xx Near And Dear especially x

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