Elizabeth Jackson
8th March 1960-15th May 2003

poem oem written 18th Sept 2003 by myself.

I always think of you every moment of every day,
but its been like that since the day you were ripped out of my life and sadly taken away.
Its been a few months now, but the memory and hurt really is so clear
and thereís not a day that passes, when I do not wish that you were here.

Your face, your voice and your smile keeps goes over and over in my head
because in my heart of hearts you will never be dead
As I hold in my head the laughs and the smiles
Just to have it all back believe me I would walk thousands of miles.

Just me being stupid, I know it possibly canít come true,
I know that itís not possible but I just want you.
I guess in reality I know youíre gone
but deep in my heart your memory forever lives on.
I am finding it really hard without you here
all I want is for you to hug me tight and to hold me near
To dismiss the hurt to wipe away the pain
Without you my life will never be the same again.

I think about the fun times that we once shared.
After all you were the only one that cared.
I look at the picture we took that day
and always read the same words on the back and remember what you used to say.

'When you miss me
Just look at this photo Case and youíll know,
I will always be there for you
No matter how far apart that we are,
You are, and always will be
Forever My Little Girl.'

I really hope this gets easier I just guess in time it eventually will
but at this very moment it bloody well kills
Iíve been told to stop crying and to wipe away my tears
but they flow so easily when I think back on the years.
I have to be strong just to prove everyone wrong.
Just really miss you and hope to see you before long

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