OCT.22,1963 -OCT.21,2008

Mr. John Christopher Bills (RED) 44, of 4454 Celia Creek Rd. passed away on Tuesday October 21, 2008 in his home after a courageous battle with cancer. Red passed in the presence of his family, and many of his dear friends. Burial will be Thursday at 3 p.m. in Blue Ridge Cemetery.A private service will be held.He leaves behide wife Deborah R. Bills and 4 children Shelby V. Biggs 17,Jesse C. BIGGS 15,John R. Fillers 8,Taylor D. Biggs 6 all of the home.In lieu of flowers the family ask that you please make monetary contributions to to help pay for the funeral cost.
************************************************************************************************** I Remember-- ************************************************************************************************** Did you see the stars last night? I did and as I looked I thought of you, I thought of the times we spent together, Of the days we sat and talked, Of the nights we watched the sky. Did you see the ocean today? I did and once again I thought of you. I thought of how you wanted so bad to go see it again, Of the times you told me what we were going to do, You seemed so sure that it would all happen...... Did you hear the thunderstorm last night? I did and I thought of you once again, I thought that maybe you had found a way to say good-bye, Maybe you were telling us all you love us one last time, Maybe you were telling me you are still there. Did you see your funeral? I did and I cried while thinking of you, I cried while I remembered all those times, All those times when you said "I Love You", All the times I should've said it back but didn't. For that I'm sorry and I wanna just want to say.... "I Love You With All My Heart", Good-Bye my Love.....

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