Lottie-Jette Hazel
Born still, but still born-6th Nov 96 My Princess

My sleeping princess was born following quite an 'up & down' pregnancy. My waters broke at 29 weeks, and I remained in hospital until she arrived.

Lottie-Jette, every dream that I had for you still plays out in my mind. I find myself thinking of you more as the days to your 13th birthday are slowly ticking around.

You are incredibly beautiful and I have never forgotten you. I love you so much and will do so until the ends of eternity.

I hope that you are looking after your angel sisters Saskia-Leigh and Carice-Mia.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy. I feel incredibly honoured to have such a special girl in my life. You have shaped me to be the person that I am today Lottie-Jette.

Love and huge butterfly kisses being sent to you now and forever. Sleep tight sweet princess
Mummy, Adele, Nathan, Aaron, Daniel and Keah-Bailey xxxxxx

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