Michelle Marie Greever
Mama's Belle ~ 8.24.84 ~ 11.5.93

A Most Happy and Loving Daughter and Friend to All. Her sparkling green eyes and auburn hair alit when the sun shone bright.
Michelle loved God and all God's creatures, large and small.
She loved to play her keyboard, sing and create plays and skits dressing up with her own costumes she created right down to her own makeup.
Michelle sang her first solo at church service when she was 4 and had a beautiful voice always astonishing others with her perfect pitch and tone.
Michelle was very gifted and artistic, always drawing phenominal pictures and amazing others with her works of art.
She liked to help and never needed to be asked, she gave her all in life and in her parting as she was an organ and cornea donor.
Michelle parted when struck by a car on her way to school trying to board her schoolbus when she was in 4th grade. We had just moved to the country and she loved it here.
Michelle was always decorating and coming up with surprises and ideas.
She is very missed and her faith was exceptional for one so young.
She memorized scripture and her last verses were John 10:28-29 about Eternal Life.
Michelle said we never die, never have to say good-bye.
Our Love is Forever...
We will see you again and embrace you sweet Michelle and until then our love will last for all time...

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