Robert James Boswell
25/10/1971 - 23/04/2005

ROB! A truly unique human being! Larger than life, huge personality, complex, intelligent, loving and lovable, kind, down to earth, sometimes angry, often stubborn, strong willed, a great friend, an entertainer, witty, a clown at times, creating laughter and great fun! Often knocked down but always got up stronger then ever. Those who had the privilege to know him will never forget, warm, charismatic, charming, flirtatious, adorable, handsome... hot headed, mischievous, provocative, thought provoking, resolute, determined, amazing! irreplaceable, His loss a tragedy for his friends and for himself, he did not know how special we was. He was taken before his time. He is now at piece, In memory he lives on strong and healthy! miss you Rob so very much!

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