Robert Elmo Hay
My Father

In loving memory of my father.
He was born on October 25th 1912 to Robert Elmo Hay Sr. and Rose Hay and passed away on February 15th 1987.
He was one person who loved flowers and showed them at the Ottawa Exhibition and was a strong member of the Ottawa Horticultural Society.
He was always fun to be with and I keep many memories of him within my heart. I miss him dearly and pray for him daily.
He was my dad, my hero and best friend.
I must admit that he did get to see my first born Chelsea Renee when she was only four months old. I only wish he could have seen his grandson Jozef.
I know however he is watching from heaven and guides me through tough times.
I invite all who knew him to light a candle in his memory.
From Joseph Thomas Hay.

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