Selena Naomi-Grace Caster

our beautiful Selena came into this world 11 of the 11th ( remembrance day ) it certainly will be a day i'll never forget. a whopping 18 hours of labour !!. but it was all worth it when i got to meet my beautiful baby Selena Naomi-Grace Caster. Selena was a wonderful baby. though she had some times where she was really sick. some times where we almost thought that we would lose her ! she had Pneumonia. and she was in hospital for 3 weeks. those three weeks were really horrible but Selena pulled through because she was a fighter ! Selena was a cheeky little girl ! she potty trained pretty early in life only when she was 1 and a half ( pretty good ) better than Selena's siblings anyway , Selena has 1 older brother and one younger sister. her older brother's name is Emanuel Alexzander and her little sister's name is Tanisha-Benet. Selena always got a long with her brother and sister. Well she got a long with almost everyone. Selena was kind and very loyal and caring. She was a huge animal lover! I knew that when she was 3 she told me she wanted to be an animal doctor. like Harry from harry's practice. She always loved animals and loved to take care of them. She was so creative . She loved to do arts and crafts and paint. When she started kindy she said she made friends with Lauren Dailey her best friend until the end. They did everything together. they had sleep overs and all that stuff that kids get up to. and when Selena started school....well that was a new adventure. Selena loved adventures. and she even thought of her death as an adventure. she was so smart and intellegent for her age.She loved to play though her favourite game was football ( soccor ) she learned that game from a early age and she even joined at team when she was only 6. Her daddy always played football with her. her dad adored her. Selena was adored by so many people and its hard knowing that she is gone now. We think about her every day and we will never stop loving her. In the summer of 2003 she was diagnosed with Luekemia. she told us that a boy in her class at school had luekemia and he was away from school. that he died. she asked me weather she would die. what was i supposed to tell a 7 year old little girl. i didn't know at the time weather she was going to live or die.I wished so much that she would beat it. we tried so hard. every one supported us and when Selena was in hospital. we got so many visitors. but nothing worked. we couldn't understand why. why could it work for every one elses children but it wasn't working for our poor Serena. it came to a stage where every thing Serena ate she would bring back up. she was throwing up all day long most of the time and hardly got anysleep she was so weak that she could barley move or open her eyes. It was so hard to watch that happen to this wonderful little girl that we knew not even a year ago. and then she was this sick child who couldn't even eat. she had know hair and when we took her for walks when she was well enough everyone stared at her. she was so pale and sad. It broke my heart to see her like this. one night when i was sitting at her bed side. i heard this weak whining sound. It was Selena crying. I asked her if she was ok. she said i love you mummy. I cried and told her i loved her. seeing her hooked up to all the tubes and machinary was making my heart ache. She said she was going on an adventure. at first i didn't know what she meant. but then i did. she was such a smart little girl. when she said that she meant she was going to leave us all. i said I know i said that i loved her and that we all did. she asked me weather she was going to heaven. i said yes. i held her hand and watch her pass away i can almost pin point the time where i knew that she'd died she looked like she wasn't her anymore she wasn't there like there was this body there that looked like Selena but it wasn't her. she was an angel in heaven now watching over all of us. her last words were ttfn ( tata for now she loved winnie the pooh ) her funeral was beautiful and so many people came to say good bye to the little girl who had touched so many people in so many different ways. i cant count how many times i have cried since that day looking at all the photographs. but mostly its not tears of sadness but tears of pride of knowing that my little girl was so brave and such a fighter. that she was this great fun loving child who endured to much pain but never gave up. until the very end when she was so weak she could not fight anylonger. We all miss her and think about our selena everyday. one thing we know we will never forget is her big heart and her beautiful smile. We know she is looking down on us and will look after us. we also know that we will all see her again in heaven where we can be happy again. or where Selena and her daddy can play a great game of football. Where she is happy and healthy. not weak and sick. where she can be free.

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