Shameka Meka Brown
My Dear Beloved cousin who has returned to heaven.

My name is Goldie Mae Brown I go to school in a little town called Childress Texas im a junior in High school and I love it . When I was Ten years old my cousin passed away Im sure everybody knows what that felt like . It hurt me the most my cousin was everything to me even though we argued alot when she was 17 she moved in with us so it was me and my 2 parents which are Jeff and Dorothy Drew and 3 wonderful Sister which are Dee Dee ,Desiree ,and Brandy we all were very close to her she was just like one of our sisters she then found out she had sickle cell anemia and she went through a lot of pain and struggle with this desiease when she turned 18 she had got pregnat and had a little one name Alija she was the prettist little girl ever about 2 weeks after she was born Shameka passed away it hurt us the most and still does to hear that she had passed but i was sad but happy for her caused she went through alot of pain for 18 years she will always be in my heart and alot of other peoples hearts who knew her and knew what kind of girl she was she had a big heart i will never forget when she would drop me off at school and I would say bye and this was the day she died and she would say its not bye its see you later and those were the last words that I herd before she died I love her and always will her birthday is January the 12 and i will make it the best I love you cousin.

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Goldie BROWN
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